Sonic Art - Waveswarms

I didn't have much idea what 'Sonic Art - Waveswarms' was going to be about but I went hoping to find out more about what others are exploring in this area. I'm still not that clear except that all the people talking were all concerned in some way with exploring sound and interaction.

A number of speakers referred to the way in which sound and hearing have been undervalued compared to words and images. Aaron Siegel used the idea of aural parallax to compare the experience of some interactive sound installations to that of moving around a sculpture like that of Serra, for example. He used this to illustrate an understanding of 'public space'. The important aspect being that the individual can be part of a shared experience while retaining a separate subjective sense of themselves. This can come, for example, from moving around a space and experiencing changes in our sonic field as a result. He referred to great examples of this from John Cage's 'Radio Music' through David Tudor's 'Rainforest IV' to Alvin Lucier's work.

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