Berlinized Media art at Today Art Museum, hall 3

Yesterday afternoon at Todays Art Museum hall 3, opening of Media Art from Berlin, the Goethe Institute paid the rent and the Festivals director went in the nearby market to get some, snails, because these times, snails have to be part of media art, not turtles. The German Media Art festival courageously made an excursion east, with several media art works. The Germans ahead of the other Media Art Festival, which run together in a turbulence with the famous eArts Festival in Shanghai. People whisper, that the organizers over politicized the business of eDesignIsch Creative industries. Media Art itself is a schizophrenic genre, on one side very expensive on the other very complicated. Media Art is embedded in concept art and most "projects" experience the typical disadvantage, that they are technically complicated, costly to set up and conceptional half way thought through. The status of Media art in China is quite dim, In Beijing there is one Media art Gallery which is managed by a former Microsoft employee and you have DAC China Digital Art Association. Another two man band plays occasionally, 2 Chinese friends trying hard for years to establish the genre in China, one has always a return ticket to New York and the other is very much convinced that you can make money with media art, well we keep it there for now. From the so famously started eArts festival in Shanghai, nobody knows what is going on, where, when and what? The Media lab in the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is managed by fashionably expensive dressed, middle aged chinese media artist, which runs the educational show, with zero didactical or pedagogical experience. Ones I attended project presentations and statements by the Professors and I can tell you, it is better you start to study traditional chinese painting. A nother institution in Beijing, the famous Tsinghua University recently organized a media symposium, with an heavy background agenda, but I have no idea what is left. What is left? You know more, if so then please contact us.

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