China's culture minister Cai Wu, lashes out

Did you ever hear any European culture minister, talking like this. NO, NEWER.
The west culture sinister's, obey to corporate mass propaganda, industrial sequenced brainwashing and consumer milking entertainment. China's culture minister Cai Wu has lashed out at the country's broadcasters and publishers, saying much of what they produce is vulgar and kitsch. Cai Wu said many Chinese publications were full of gossip and sensational stories advocating money-worship. He lashed out at what he called "vulgar productions" that advocated money-worship and consumerism.
"We publish more than 300,000 books every year, but how many of them could be compared with the scriptures inherited from our ancestors?" he asked. "We produce some 400 movies and hundreds of TV drama programs each year, but how many of them will be recognized as classics?" "In today's world, a country's culture and economy are inseparable. A government must pay more attention to culture and originality if it wants to improve the quality of economic development."

What we know: the next change of government in China is coming soon, it will bring back the next of the next of the pre Mao generation. More sympathetic to traditional values of old China. The danger here is that they render them incompatible to the modern times and will endanger experimental/ underground art, I say MAYBE. So for a first statement, I go d'acor, will see what the next to next generation brings. Next to next still means 50 and more older political nomenclature personnel.

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