Daniel Cohn Bendit wisdom: on European hypocrits

Danny asks for a consensus, it seams to late for it. For the dealers a week customer is the best one and they keep saying Greece is very week. As we know Greece is the oldest political system in the Eurozone and heavy corrupt. Thats why it cripples first. Asking for disarmament of the eurozone sounds ok, but similar to other introductions of changes this needs a consensus. Because its an industry and in this industry people work and others make profit, ... shutting down weapons factories, yes, but same time you have to open green factories which give work and profit.

How difficult it is to convince Afghan farmers not to seed heroin and change to…, here in Europe same same. Pain will come and question is how it will surface, here in China the pain hits on Kindergartens and schools. The drug dealers, the weapon dealers and the bankers, they do not care what the after-sales consequences are. As the politicians do not function properly, question remains how deep they are involved with the dealers groups and if they can get the hands out of their pockets and use legislative and executive power to arrest the dealers. Greece - Democracy - Capitalism, open markets need control.

100.000 size of Greece army with a 11 million population, 200.000 size of German army with a 81 million population, 3.400.000 size of Chinese army with a 1.3 billion population. Greece has planed in the 2010 budget to go for 6 billion Euro weapon shopping, Greece is getting a loan for 3 years of 110 billion Euro. Compare here and you know where bankruptcy will hit first size of army and size of population.

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