Foxconn concentration camps, Hon Hai Precision employs 800,000, 11 suicide, 799,898 to go.

Foxconn runs concentration camps, belonging to Hon Hai Precision. They employ 800,000 in total, 11 of them committed suicide, so we have still 799,898 to go. This is getting really more and more depressing, I mean I own a iPhone, a computer. When I am using it I have to think of these suicides, is this the way how happy consumers should feel? Is there blood on my fancy gadgets? I do not own any diamonds, so here I thought I am save. But no, now this is troubling my happy live. Other rumors I managed to hold on distance, that the precious crystals and metals my gadget are in need, digger out somewhere in Africa under totally inhumane conditions. There have been reports that the conditions in prisons are better than in the Foxconn concentration camps, I have seen images where the machines are outnumbered by attached humanoids which try hard to keep the machines happy, so they can spill out the next generation of entertainment tech. You say I am corrupted to, because I also carry these pocket size devices. The internet in my pocket, the internet of things, the cloud, online, offline and so on, HARDWARE SOFTWARE NO WHERE.
Here the so free west is in love with the slavish east, bot system agree that they have to make money under any circumstances. In german we say "auf Teufel komm raus". Do i need to take drugs, Alcohol start to smoke to compensate this frustrations? And that in the Foxconn concentration camps now, 100 counsellors and monks, and the new Employee Care Centre provide emotional support? Are we joking? More cynical thinks can go. oh sorry yes they can. Foxconn concentration camps introduced a reward system for employees who spot colleagues with emotional problems, and a hotline for workers.
The Nazis also had spies in there concentration camps, which reported who behaves unusual. As I live in Asia addressing this is quite hopeless, the society is so divided and trapped, so I start on the other end. I start in USA, California, Cupertino, Infinitive loop, Steve Jobs. Dear Steve, if you have read the lines above, I can come straight to the point. If the production of the gadgets we work with, can only be produced with the price tag as you sell them, then at least they need to carry a sticker "this device is produced under live threatening conditions". As we know the, pregnancy, dead, cancer warning helped a little, more young girls smoke than before. So consider to have an slow but constant influence on Foxconn, they make profit do they? You make profit aren't you? There must be an improvement of live conditions for the workers, so they substantially feel the difference between a prison, Foxconn runs concentration camps or and a Sushi massage Apple Campus. 1st they need more days off with same pay, at least the catholic driven 2 days off the hook. Than there housing conditions, they need to be humanized, stapling people in a room like in Auschwitz is no live quality. The off work time needs a support structure, and not just chanting monks or another entertainy exploitation. Just to make it clear I am going for the max compromise, considering Apple, Foxconn, Asia and the million people who needs to make their daily living and with the formula you can't make everyone rich and you cant kill all. I mean its embarrassing to me as you costumer lurking around in these Swedish hospitals looking Apple stores (John Steward) and in the backdoor are Foxconn runs concentration camps. I cant smile.

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