Maybe the King is dead, everyone knows that he is stored in a fridge, but no one wants to admit?

Media are selling commodities and not an individual opinion, or even philosophical reflections, CNN, Times, Nation, Bangkok News and so on are dealers of news and bloodthirsty. What I am doing everyone can do, start to think and having a position. If you ask me if I would sacrifice my live for my country, I would say no, because the political system is to corrupt here and there. Where I am living now, sometimes I have the feeling that the government officials will nook on my door and force me to leave, the access to the internet is controlled and limited. The Thai leaders are behaving like the ancient leaders of the 40's, to die in power (Jamie Walter).

To comment on resent complains one specific on CNN open letter by Napas Pombejran and one general in the Bangkok Post by Reungvit Nandhabiwat. Yes every western government would act more or less same as the government in Thailand. Differences are that maybe technically the resolution would be different more or less injured or dead. So the answer is any government east or west would do the same, use force. So in this sense the Thai government is the same as the Iranian government oppressing and killing the opposition on the street, or the Chinese on Tiananmen.

Here my answer is, it was a wrong decision and it shows unprofessionalism to send army on your own people, thats why I am condemning the way the Abhisit government took. If in your state such standoff emerges it says that something went very wrong, if something went wrong it needs the time to decompress. Independent from some businesses which have to close down, it takes how long it takes.

Of course many Bangkok urban elite have been intimidated and are totally fead up by the red shirt disruption of there daily live. But dear inhabitant, you are part of the problem so as well you can be part of the solution, what have you done to avoid that why it came so far? The Thai government failed to resolve the power struggle in an non violent way. Politicians have to stay above of commercial pressure and decide in a wise way what is best for the country and the best would be to step down and call new elections. Yes, also this is the hardest decision and very unlikely any politician will do, in west or east, so here the Abhisit government acted as expected, to show authority and force.

What we can learn out of the Thai crisis is, that if a government does not care about the huge gap between poor and rich and tries hard and transparent to narrow this gap, there will breed ground for an opposition which goes underground. This means that terrorism strike out in mini groups and individuals and this is hardly possible to control.

As long the opposition has a public stage, it has to proof there ground they claim openly in an public discourse, that what the redshirts did, by setting up a stage and broadcasting via Radio and TV what has been said on that stage all over the country. Everyone can listen and everyone can makeup his opinion and give, ore give not, his and here vote in an upcoming election.

So in my opinion the redshirt main compound in Bangkok should have been allowed to stay on, it was big enough and a huge logistical task to manage the wast area they occupied. And to say it clearly, they occupied streets and public spaces and not houses, companies or administrative infrastructures. They all slept, cocked have eaten and demonstrated on the streets and this is legitimate and there right to do so.

To the violence, it is clear in any movement that you have radicals who are violent in east and in west any well educated politician knows that, because it is gradually similar in his government. The best to avoid the use of weapons, bombs is to keep the leaders alive and visible, in contact and talks with the opposition. It was the first big mistake to execute Sevastopol, who ever shoot him. This made his group headless and desperate and out of control. All sites will use intrigues, lies and make up stories, if the redshirts are paid off with 400 Bath, if the redshirts have sharpshooters which killed, western journalist and finally Sevastopol, if Thaksin is financing all and so on that will com out sooner or later.

I can just speak what I have sean and this was totally different to that what it went too in present days, it was a big party, Woodstook, a school of thinking, talking and understanding, I called it red shirt school. People from the provinces have been happy to be in Bangkok and have a open air rally under a common color. I have tried to speak to as much redshirt leaders as possible to get an inside view of there movement and what I have understood it was very simple and clear. Call for new election, call for a independent juridical system and a more equal distribution of tax money to the poor. This are not new thinks and they said to me clearly that they have not yet drafted a longer and more sustainable plan, they concentrate now on the format of a demonstration to gain more public awareness. So is this hard to understand?

What I do not like, is the out of there hiding holes creeping young journalist trying to write something because they have to justify there salary. They are even more radical conservative that Abhisit himself, these are the new bourgeois, conservative, intolerant, ignorant car , flat, fridge marry generation which wants to have just the similar guerilla war at home on there playstation or xbox but not in front of them, with smoke, blood and tears.

I admit that my sympathy is on the side of the redshirts, why, because in time I have been in Thailand it was convincing what they did and it made sense. I personally do not share the smooth as silk view of many westerners on the land of smile, peaceful Thais. I think deep in there hards they are pirates and you can expect any time that the smile changes into fears aggression and brutality, in this context I see the current scenario.
Jamie Walter says, I beginning to like American politics.
Ille the Duck say: its better to retreat tactically than die heroically.

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