NFC Wristbands of DAILY Has a Large Potential Market in the Near Future

With the NFC world growing fast, NFC wristbands, a special type of NFC products, are particularly popular in Leisure and Tourism for venue admission, which is designed for personal identification applications such as access control for amusement parks, concerts and conferences, recreational venues, museums, exhibitions and more. Besides, NFC wristbands combine NFC’s advantages with human engineering, so its creative shape makes it distinctly good during using it in easy-to-use environments, such as hospital, theme park, event and sport. Consequently, DAILY RFID, a leading professional NFC product manufacturer and developer, has newly released the NFC wristbands with the fantastic quality and a sleek, fashionable design, in order to bring more convenience and efficiency to the consumer.

At present, with the rapid development of social economy, NFC wristbands have been widely used to the tourism which is each country concerned and has become the leading industry in all industries, such as the theme park are using the NFC technology to replace the traditional ticket. Take the RFID Fabric Wristbands-45 for instance, a NFC wristbands of the DALIY RFID with adjustable size and waterproof PVC material, has the operating frequency is LF(125KHz) or HF (13.56MHz), which is perfect for short range (Up to 20 cm) RFID applications such as festivals, music concerts, clubs and other RFID applications. In addition, this style and materials make NFC wristbands increasing security and suitable for saunas, swimming pools, spas and other high humidity environments.

For wristbands user, on the one hand, NFC wristbands can help the user check in on social websites, share contact information, change phone settings, and much more. On the other hand, the wristbands can improve customer experience while the consumer can spend the time enjoying venue instead of waiting in line. According to a reliable report, there are one hundred million people like sharing on the facebook and like cashless transactions, therefore the NFC wristbands has a large potential market in the world. It can be believed that, the future of live events is digital, the way of the payment or even the ability to share the experience on social networks, could all be done with a tap of the NFC wristbands.

Please find more info about NFC wristbands at DAILY RFID website: NFC wristbands


DAILY RFID CO., LIMITED (http://www.rfid-in-china.com), which belongs to PAN Group Co., Ltd, is the leading company focusing on the research and development of EPC & RFID technology, such as NFC wristbands with low price in China.

DAILY specializes in producing arguably the world’s most extensive line of low cost NFC wristbands, which is suitable for any vertical markets, and has obtained the National Integrated Circuit Card Register Certificate, IC Card Manufacture License and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. Also, we own a factory covering an area of 26,000 square meters.

Daily’s NFC wristbands is designed and manufactured with recognized industry standards relevant to RFID and its markets but most notably for use in the demanding environments to recognize and understand your business’s RFID and NFC needs.

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