The next candidate for the International Court of Justice in Den Hague, Abhisit Vejjajiva

The situation in Bangkok is out of control. You have soldiers shooting around on anything what moves, and they do not shoot with rubber bullets they shoot with live ammo. You have young inexperienced soldiers just fearing to get killed, you have in urban warfare unexperienced military leaders who do not care, you have political leaders which just stay in safe secure military compounds and give orders. I really wonder why not more people got killed in the streets. Now as Maj. Gen. Khattiya Sawasdipol died after his execution, you have the red shirt extremist out of control looking for revenge.

The fight concentrates around the chic centers at Rajprasong where all the Prada, Gucci, Louis-Vuitton, Burberry and Come the Garçon worlds unify. Here the expected bloodbath is scheduled for 3pm today. More bizarre things cant go, its not the Airport, or some leading TV station, the Parliament, or other strategic places of importance, no, it is the hub of consumerism and glamour, Visa and MasterCard swiping palace of the nice and beautiful where the show down will be.

Why Mr. Abhisit you need to shoot? Send Water canons, rubber bullets, teargas, bulldozers, chili water, you name it onto the redshirts. But do not order to shoot with live ammo, you are not at war with a army which is similarly equipped like your soldiers. This are just the normal type of street fighters like seen in Belfast, Beirut, Teheran, and so on, burning tires, using slingshots, Molotow-cocktails, firecrackers, stones and yes some of them like everywhere are radicals which use weapons. What you are doing Mr.Abhisit leads directly into breeding terrorism ala IRAlqaeda and than you will have a messy mess, very hard to cool down. See in the south the islamists they keeping troubling the south for ages, this will be all ower the country, if you keep shooting on the opposition. Abhisit you failed, you are the boss.

To the international community, it needed 50 dead an several hundred injured till the UN chief Ban Ki-moon, launched a message, the EU is mouth shut, USA usual soft spoken, Russia not interested, China fears, the ASEAN sunken in corruption and hypocrisy, Australia sleeps. But now the bloodthirsty media are all over the place trying to get there best copyrighted picture of a dying what so ever.

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