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2.45 GHz Active RFID Reader-DL9130 — an Adjustable Device for Active RFID Applications

Active RFID application is often tracking over large field and requires the active RFID reader to be adjustable, and the use of 2.45 GHz active RFID reader with adjustable range is becoming more prevalent. DAILY RFID has recently developed an adjustable 2.45 GHz Active RFID Reader-DL9130 to improve the efficiency of warehouse management, especially in a large warehouse.

RFID 2.4 GHz Long Range Reader with adjustable read range

DAILY RFID, a Chinese leading producer of RFID tags and readers, has developed latest 2.4 GHz long range reader DL9130 to read 2.4GHz active RFID tags. This 2.4GHz reader is of high technology and it can offer an impressive long reading range of up to 200 meters.

Equipped with an in-built 15dBi antenna, this long range 2.4 GHz RFID reader can provide high performance within write distance from 0 to 100 meters and read range from 0 to 200 meters. And the reading range is designed to be adjustable so as to make identification more accurate for tracking process and area.

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