Better Near Field Communication (NFC), Better Life

NFC, the abbreviation of Near Field Communication or Connection, has been frequently turned up to people’s line of sight nowadays. But then again, the up-and-coming Near Field Connection is a kind of emerging technologies developing on the basis of RFID and Internet tech integration and evolution, which can exchange data in the case of being close to each other by using the NFC devices, such as NFC tags, NFC readers, NFC-enabled smart phones and so on.

Near Field Communication—the Most Efficient Way to Exchange Information Between NFC-capable Smart Phone

Near Field Communication? As the name implies, it is the contactless technology to transfer information between NFC devices like smartphones or tablets. That is, Near Field Communication utilizes electromagnetic radio field while Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPRS focus on radio transmissions instead. As a professional NFC and RFID manufacturer, DAILY RFID, has newly released Near Field Communication (NFC) tags and readers to help its NFC system and provide the creative solutions for NFC applications in order to make advantage of this up-and-coming technology.

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