rfid jewelery tag

Mini, Customized RFID Jewellery Tag for jewelry tracking

DAILY RFID has come out with mini HF RFID jewellery tags for jewelry management in stores and warehouse. It enables sales to inventory the stocks of jewelry items in a minute, since the smart RFID tag optimizes the jewellery management process.

13.56MHz Contactless RFID Jewelry Tag for jewelry inventory

DAILY RFID has released its new 13.56MHz RFID Jewelry tag, designed for jewelry tracking. With 0.6mm thickness and a read range up to 3 feet, the RFID jewelry tag guarantees accurate traceability and quick inventory checks of jewelry.

Complying with ISO15693 standard, the 13.56MHz RFID jewelry tag features anti-collision functions. In other words, an RFID reader can read multiple RFID tags simultaneously within its read range. Customized a set of RFID reader and antenna, it can read up to 60 jewelry items at the same time.

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