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RFID Smart Tags Make the Dream of Intelligent and Automatic Laundry Management Come True

With the booming of economy and advancement of RFID tech, RFID smart tag has become more and more mature and been gradually used into modern laundry and dry-cleaning industry. At present, RFID smart tags, by right of the high performance in simplifying the laundry process, has gained lots of praise and become the sought-after tools in laundry system. As people learned, the traditional laundry industry lacking in RFID smart tag mainly has often faced the following problems, including low efficiency, high error rate, difficult mismatching and so on.

RFID Smart Tags Expedite RFID Applications In Significant Measure

For the leading and prevalent RFID technology, RFID smart tags have turned up everywhere and effected greatly on the most challenging goods tracking and RFID managements with ideal traceability. Compared with bygone RFID smart tags, the latest and low cost RFID smart tags have more advanced performance, unique design and longer read range, which represent a big breakthrough in asset or other products tracking for hazardous areas.

Smart HF Mifare Key Fob for Access Control

DAILY RFID has newly launched a new HF mifare key fob-22 for efficient and reliable identification. Using mifare technology, these HF RFID key fobs can be widely used for access control applications, such as hospitals, apartment buildings, shops and government offices, etc.

Button shaped RFID Tag for Garment Retail and Rental Shops

DAILY RFID has released button shaped, washable RFID tag for garment retail and rental shops. With two small holes in the middle, the garment tag is pretty easy and convenient to attach to clothes. And with the sealed RFID chip inside, it is an ideal solution for tracking garments in retail stores and rental services.

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