Frieze Art Fair London

If I compare the Frieze Art show with 100%design show, here at Regents Park they present really better design, definitely yes, yes I think so, it’s much better design, some of it is gorgeous design, yes lovely, extraordinary, no kidding its challenging, how shocking http://www.friezeartfair.com/ , it’s a good update what is on and off in the Art market and its the biggest gathering of people in black in October 2005.

First impressions:
First sentence: I had an dinner with some very good friends of you....and...., I am a dealer, yes...(French art dealer to German art dealer).
Second sentence: Oh hay, how are you ........( two well dressed couples meet).
Third sentence: Darling lets have a coffee, ok lets have a coffee (good dressed woman to here poorly dressed husband, caring a baby).
Fifth sentence: you fucker, you bitch (London artist with sunglasses to bouncer of Deutsche Bank VIP launch, which refused him entry) you http://www.deutsche-bank-kunst.com .
Sixth sentence: oh hay, how are you, did you see something interesting, oh, did you see the room full with Chinese (Korean student to me).
Seventh sentence: oh look this; this is exiting (two male lovers to each other in front of a photo: river in forest with island, on island sits a baby with wings).
Eight sentence: No, no, yes this is…., look here is written….., and this is open ( a very male collector, to male art dealer, explaining a drawing: male torso, with open pants, the huge penis hanging out, stylish redesigned as rotten cactus).
Ninth sentence: Oh hay, you here, yes looking around, my work could also been shown here (Turkish student to me).

Best art work I saw was on display on the New York’s Postmasters gallery stand, http://www.postmastersart.com from Guy Ben-Ner. Two monitors screening performances with kids in park and at home, very relaxed work. Reminds me a bit of Kurt Schwitters, the home performance Guy Ben-Ner. http://www.cca.org.il/guy-ben-ner/earlier-works.html, I was also observing the female read haired boss of gallery, who was so disciplined not to beat up the masses which constantly trampled against one photo board leaning against the table.

Then the IHC tent, well I do not know what’s up there it also did not encouraged me to ask, beautiful people in iconoclastic dresses with there PowerBooksG4 on there laps it looks quite Californian http://giolab.org/uploads/index.php?mode=album&album=Interlopers%20HC,
The whole Apple live style product line, is perfect for escape from the dirty world into clean meanwhile even B&W designed stations http://www.apple.com/hardware/
London’s art radio stationhttp://www.resonancefm.com
, has a studio space nicely decorated and generates busy content from the Fair. The tickets for Karl Heinz Stockhausen,http://www.stockhausen.org
have been extraordinary £35 plus booking fee. The Frieze Art Fair is mutating to a big art festival with all kind of mixed attachments.

It breads all, the well know schizophrenia between being business or religion. Every art dealer is behaving like a priest; every visitor claims the right of a potential faith or mystical touch. On top of all the believer Ian Wilson touches on the awareness of the infinitive or on the absolute http://www.galeriejanmot.com/ian_wilson/text.html.
. What can I say, it is a world on its own, disconnected, even when mostly the outside world is mirrored in the shown art works, but it’s a own world with own rules, this art scene. Ok yes I know its business. I like it, at least some of it, maybe one work only, but can we not be thankful, that besides the Ponte and his infrastructure, a community exists, where at least pictures and objects show up different to mainstream configured, politically corrected propaganda brainwashing the masses to shop.

On one corner sneaks a small urban mobile sculpture out, different movement, differently dressed its Gustav Metzger, I say hallo, he say hallo, we do not know what to talk about and both we disappear http://www.luftgangster.de/gmetzger.html. Does he look for business with the Deutsche Bank?

Exhausted I heading home, after having chicken curry in East end, finally, I open the door to my flat and see a shiny surface on the floor, my flat is under water. The washing machine penetrated the pipes and one pipe went of. So I had a good after party at home picking up all the water around. During my clean up, I was thinking about the flooding in New Orleans http://louisiana.casinocity.com/neworleans/ and how happy I am with such a small misery. Not to mention the earthquakes around and constant re looping hurricanes (why they giving them always female names, does that somebody know?). The Frieze Art Fair ended on 23.October 2005. My girl friend is coming Monday, 24.October 2005 http://www.gegenalltag.at/. The foundation stone for the great Fieldgate street Synagogue was laid on 12.July 1959 http://www.jeecs.org.uk/, thanks good the Ramadan in 2005, which started 4.October will end on 2.November 2005 http://www.islam-online.net/English/News/2004-06/11/article05.shtml

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