Google has competition from Previewseek

Has Google bitten the dust will they suffer from competition Previewseek has recently lauched a beta test site which is fast and interesting.

Previewseek is an artificial intelligence based metasearch engine which uses a number of unique knowledge visualization,data clustering,statistical
inference technologies. The service currently allows users to search for web files, images , and audio/video files as well as to query an online dictionary.

Previewseek is built on many of the principles of Web 2.0 . Its result pages often presents parsed data and information from other publicly available third party databases using a technology that the company calls DiscoveryBase. The service has been in public beta since 1 August 2005 .

You type 'Mercury' in google and it will also show you results of Planet mercury even if you are looking for info on the element called Mercury.
Where as in PreviewSeek first you get different categories of mercury (Planet, Element and what not!) and from there you can proceed only into
that category.


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