First Ever Line of PCs Dedicated Exclusively to Linux

Linspire and Mirus Innovations today announced the launch of Koobox, the first-ever line of desktop computers offered by a major OEM to exclusively run Linux. Starting at just $299, the Koobox machine comes with a complete Linux operating system, including a Microsoft Office file-compatible office suite, Internet browser, email, IM client, media players, and a photo manager – the equivalent of hundreds of pounds worth of software.

"The Koobox line is unique in that all of the computers are optimized for utilizing Linux exclusively," said Kevin Carmony, CEO of Linspire, Inc. "In fact, none of these machines even offer Microsoft Windows as an option, which is a new, bold step for a major OEM. The fact that Mirus has devoted an entire brand to desktop Linux shows just how much ground Linux is gaining."


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