Ten Best Flickr Mashups

This is an interesting article from webmonkey (which gladly seems to have been ressurrected) on what they call 'Mashups':

"A mashup, for the unfamiliar, is a hybrid web application that uses data from an outside source to drive a web service. Mashups can be created using data culled from RSS feeds, public databases, or any open data source."

Are 'mashups' just another word for what Net Art has been doing for years?

"There's a current industry trend in which big name websites like Yahoo, Amazon and Google are offering access to their public databases and live content through the use of their publicly available programming interfaces, or APIs. Programmers can use the APIs to gather and parse data from these sites, and then incorporate that data into their own applications. The result is a new breed of website — fully integrated hybrids containing both new data and repurposed data, all presented in refreshing and unexpected ways."

They go through ten examples here of the best Flickr mashups. Well worth a look.

I notice they don't go into the copyright issues, and how or if the inventors of these 'mashups' can use them commercially. This in my opinion is a serious omission.

What do people think of these, and anyone got better examples - not just limited to Flickr?

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