Open to all - Get into the Net-Art / Andy Deck

Is net art dead? That was the suggestion of one of the questions addressed to Andy. His answer was that if it was dead his death is a very slow one.

I regard the assumption that Nat Art is dead as funny at most. Probably suggested by people that are afraid to be left behind when seeing the shift of art presenting space from museums and galleries into the living rooms and offices.

It might have seemed that Net Art died, but that was just because the Internet seemed to die. With the "burst of the bubble" it was easy to assume that Net Art is dead. But Net Art is live and kicking. And as the internet moves into the Web 2.0 the Net Art and Artists move along, into Net Art 2.0, In which we will see more art works that gets its content from the users, By the users and for them.

Andy Deck is doing that and has been doing it for a long time now. Creating / programming online drawing software for the users to artistically interact with each other’s drawing.

It is clear that he has a strong political and social awareness; For instance a work that is made of junk he collected on his way from work to his home, on which he comments that he feels that it is looking like TV, or a couple of poems he wrote lately about US foreign policies, which he disapprove to.

For me it would be interesting to see how such software can interact with a political layer added to it.

And for all of you that do believe that net Art is dead, not only that you are wrong, but also failing to understand that this is going to be the most important art form in the near future.

A reaction to the event "Open to All - Get In-To Net Art" took place on March 8 at the Dana Center.

Photos from the event

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