Born Performers

I really hate public transport, but the other night, the train journey back from Charing Cross to Elmstead Woods has never been so enjoyable...

A pissed guy with a strong cockney accent managed to entertain a train full of commuters by raising an interesting mathematical problem!

The problem went something like this:

if 1.5 chickens lay 1.5 eggs in 1.5 days, how many eggs do 6 chickens lay in 7 days?

Anyway, this guy was really interesting because he managed to randomly pick on people to try and answer, in an abusive but unoffensive manner. I think he's the kind of guy that are just born to perform. Maybe not in the sense of acting on television or in theatre but on a more 'streets/urban' day-to-day level.

Almost as soon as he had stepped foot in the carriage he commanded the commuters attention, provoking laughter on many occasions, and maintaining their curiousity about the problem he posed.

After many attempts at answering this problem, and loads of clues, someone eventually was able to answer correctly by the time we had got to Emstead Woods.

Apparently the answer was 35 but I still dont understand why.

British Rail should seriously think about employing this guy to keep the proles entertained!

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