Kill Yourself - Rebecca Cannon (Game Art & Mobile Technology).

Five years ago, Rebecca Cannon would probably have been called a media artist, a digital artist or a multi-media buff. Now she is best described as a game artist. Rebecca, the Australian artist, curator and writer has a keen interest in computer games as an art form. She created political shooters, mobile games, Java games and machinima clips, and is currently the curator of the online archive of art games Selectparks. Rebecca Cannon is a core figure in a group of game artists like Cory Arcangel, Mary Flanagan, Anne Marie Schleiner, to just name a few.

Game Art is a new and flourishing artistic terrain. It is a spectre eating away at the fringes the art market. Yet, “game art” is at the same time a problematic notion. It is obvious that computer games have gained a dominant role in the arena of electronic media, as a consequence of forging a contemporary aesthetic. Game Art may be celebrated as the next paradigmatic shift in media art, stepping into the footsteps of video art, net art, sonic art, fax art or telecommunications art, resting ambiguously between economic and socio-political set-ups.
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