ohmibod: giving "audiophile" new meaning!

I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone thought of a way to more closely intergrate the ipod and sex industry (although apparently not for the first time). The OhMiBod is a thrilling new twist on ipod powered vibrators - vibrating to the beat of your music. Seems to be plug & play in all sense of the term which will plug into anything which generates sound. The Q&A section on the website made me chuckle...

Q: Can I use OhMiBod in the car?
A: The simple answer is yes - but we don't recommend it (could be a bit distracting to your driving). But if you are a passenger - we say go for it! Listen to the music through your stereo and play along to make the trip go faster!

Funny press:

"Want something soft and gentle? Load up some Radiohead. Enjoy getting off to metal? Put in some Pantera, you freak." Travis Hudson, Gizmodo

comments from Gizmodo users:

Sockatume says: Out of all the third party iPod peripherals I've seen, that's probably the one that comes closest to matching the Apple style. Which amuses me greatly.

sammy baby says: Finally, a worthy successor to the Rez Trance Vibrator pack - just add trippy graphics!

BigDan says: This may give the term Audiophile a new meaning.

deeddawg says: Ah, the gift that keeps on giving...

Ben says: Is this some kind of metaphor for DRM?

Froggy says: I'll never look at inconspicuous white cables the same way. ;)

jimbob says: if a device ever needed bluetooth connectivety this is it!

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