Is this web3.0 (pt.2): when Virtual meets Real?

Following Ilan's link to Le Web3 (Third Les Blogs conference), I subsequently came across an article on Le Web3 wiki which casts more predictions about web 3.0.

"As Aristotle said, touch is the first and foremost of our senses, in order to feel, and feeling is what we long for...What this means is that our Web 3.0 experience should tomorrow culminate in physical and virtual as perfect convergence as possible: when and where I want to see, read, know, discover, touch, smell, meet with, be, kiss, taste, haze, enjoy, take, get, send, fly, give, ship."

Download the pdf of the whole article (Web 3.0: when Virtual meets Real, by Antoine MERCIER) from the le web3 wiki.

The article doesn't read that well because has probably been translated (by my guessing) and has specific focus on commerce (yuk!) but has some interesting ideas. + I think its good practise to record these things.

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