Post MA after party at Rampart street, east in Babylon! By Karel

Post Laurie Anderson MA after party at Rampart street, east in Babylon, social networking and Turkish and Korean XRLab dancing romantic surfing on waves of pop hope, exiting Korean and Turkish ladies moving around, but English, Welsh, Irish, German, Austrian, Argentinean machos deep in intellectual discussion about music and distribution. After the Laurie Anderson concert in Barbican, in transit from the pub on the corner to Rampart street. You can say that the Gold chained Armani decadent dressed up hippies enjoying a thoughtful romantic late evening concert with some nice tunes and lovely text, as English may say, but on the other hand, the format is good and could give some thoughts to the NME students.

Basically that was an NME format, maybe old but successful, Barbican was sold out._ and you look for jobs right? So formatting thoughts, your private diary, live and personal relations mixed with fine e-violin tunes, who is doing that? Miss Laurie has still a good voice and her music went obviously sweet grieving for the public tears. A sentence fly’s in “Karel are you working”, yes, why? …even under the christmess tree…” ok, bad US beer is served, I know will get headache from it, think loud “don’t by US beer at all – stop smoking US cigarettes”.
So I speak from MAZINE live but MAZINE label is tonight one of the hot topics, insecure about which track to put on the MAZINE2005 CD; Faustino the editor wants just the best of the best. Mobile phones ringing announcing new guests, freshly MA’aided Martin with his new German friend deep in very special discussion, Roger always suspicious about the quality of this text is interfering, Dave refusing cooperation.
NME students should do content delivery like Laurie Anderson singing and playing the stories of their lives. Aarti is already at home in West, Zapatero back by here aunt, Perry at home holding hands of his girlfriend, Allen with his wife and friend left early home, the guest was actually sleeping away during the concert, freshly MA Paypaled’t Armin was disappointed and bored, maybe he said something like: “thanks good is Friday”. I say again people smoking far too much, this is unpleasant. Moosehead wants to discuss everything and all about sharing try to drill and grill the Course leader with an discursive slalom, he loops again and again laughing “my good you are bored”.
Dave Mee manager from Something, which lost weight about 40 kilo, is in deep conversation with Dave Miller about web comics and games, Germany 2 and Darcy are heading to Germany after attending posh designer event at the ICA, where they god confirmation to be on the right track, we will se how Burberry will react, rumours says that the code is imported and not home made, Jee Oh sends e-mail that she is at the moment shopping in Seoul sensors and electronics besides getting bebimbabt from all there friends and relatives, she is looking forward to come back to the crappie college canteen, As editor of this text I have to stay neutral but with the college canteen this is impossible they are just bunch of losers there, they just want to kill us all. Faustino (Argentina 1) says with a smile, Yara (Germany 1) is just wasting my time, you don’t make me think. Ji m whispers, what is the idea and what is the actual think he asks. Nobody listens to the soft still outspoken Irish deep minded techno punk in the dark corner of the room.

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