Nigerias wisdom, Q&A: why you are killing us?

Q: "why you are killing us?" A: "No matter how used you are to your chicken, it will not stop you slaughtering it". Q&A related to the domestik cycle of killing and revenge of two neighbourhoods the Berom Christian and Hausa Muslim in Nigeria. Some say we all originated from Africa: ..... analysis of Y-chromosomes tell, that I had an ancestor who left Africa about 45,000 years ago. His descendants went through south central Asia, to central Asia and then took a dogleg to the west around 30,000 years ago to enter Europe along the shores of the Baltic.

Try Arm Bangkok, Fair Work outlet in Thailand

Made in Eton and Oxford, wanted for murder in Thailand.

If Oxford University would have courage they would strip him from all academic degrees and distance them selves publicly from Abhisit. Apologizing for misguided education. Eton and Oxford is breeding and supplies most of the human resources to the evil empire. Which later is milking the society and just guards the wealth of the establishment. He has for sure a leading Professor, so what does he say to the performance of his scholar.

People Channel Server 1 - Bangkok - Thailand

People channel stream
THAI authorities pulled the plug on the television channel of red shirted anti-government protesters, prompting an angry response from the demonstrators. ‘We have successfully shut down the People’s Channel (P-TV),’ Satit Wonghnongtaey, minister attached to the premier’s office, said.

Thai wisdom part 3

Today finally Bangkok is outside what it was inside, state of emergency is declared, after Reds storm on parliament.

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