More ex Vietnam US soldiers death at home, by suicide than in battlefield.

Here some amassing reality, from the 2 Million soldiers involved in Vietnam war, 58.193 have fallen in the battle, dead, killed and died. When war ended 1.941.807 soldiers returned home, since then until now 60.000 Vietnam veterans committed suicide. More soldiers, man, died so far from post war effects than in battlefield. In year 1972 300.000 Vietnam veterans have been jailed behind bars. And today a estimate is, that 61.600 Vietnam veterans are homeless.

Red blockade has caused tourists to leave hotels.

Tourist can now stay for free in Bangkok, check in at Red shirt rally, get your foil in multiple colors, showers outdoor, toilets free, no room charge, aircondition as it comes and goes, free video services, food 24h service, including security guards.

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