Create your own Google Map

One of the major strengts of Google Maps is the fact that it has open interfaces and anybody can contribute and enrich the application by his or her own ideas. However, it is still a bit complicated to understand the Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface) particularly if you are not familiar with these kind of things. Therefore there is MyGoogleMaps that allows you to easily create your own map(s) within a web interface. It is still at very early stage but it looks already very promising.

Computer control by just moving your head

EyeTwig Tracker allows you to fully control your computer with the movements of your head.(could be useful to the IDM lurkers here) It's the only solution which uses no external gear and maintains low CPU usage. Key features: control your mouse with the movements of your head, stare to click, low CPU usage (all other solution are CPU intensive), on screen visual status to see mouse direction, head recognition, use your existing Webcam. Tracker performs amazing even with low resolution Webcams. Highly configurable (gesture behavior, movement speed). Also includes speech recognition commands ("keyboard on", "internet", "increase keyboard", "drag", "drop", "scroll"), and more comprehensive gesture for click and double click. I also hear from a source close to the ground that Sony are also doing some research into mind control and are planning to introduce this scary thought!!!

CES: Bluetooth Keyboard for rolling in

Speaking of keyboards: The british manufacturer Eleksen presents a rollable QWERTY keyboard made of a material called "Fabric Keyboard" at the Consumer Electonics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, that is connectable to PDAs and Smartphones via Bluetooth.

Optimus Keyboard likely to hit market on Feb. 1st

At first glance the keyboard looks like a normal QWERTY keyboard, but don't let the looks deceive you. This is actually the first keyboard that have run across that is made with organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) on every key. Never heard of OLEDs? You are going to hear the term more often as they are brighter and more colorful than both LCD and Plasma screens, plus they don't require power-draining backlights. Let's take a look at how this new keyboard is going to impact the lives of millions.

First Ever Line of PCs Dedicated Exclusively to Linux

Linspire and Mirus Innovations today announced the launch of Koobox, the first-ever line of desktop computers offered by a major OEM to exclusively run Linux. Starting at just $299, the Koobox machine comes with a complete Linux operating system, including a Microsoft Office file-compatible office suite, Internet browser, email, IM client, media players, and a photo manager – the equivalent of hundreds of pounds worth of software.

Google has competition from Previewseek

Has Google bitten the dust will they suffer from competition Previewseek has recently lauched a beta test site which is fast and interesting.

Previewseek is an artificial intelligence based metasearch engine which uses a number of unique knowledge visualization,data clustering,statistical
inference technologies. The service currently allows users to search for web files, images , and audio/video files as well as to query an online dictionary.

Elevator Hack - Why wait...

Hackers (Crackers, system intruders) - These are people who attempt to penetrate security systems on remote computers. This is the new sense of the term, whereas the old sense of the term simply referred to a person who was capable of creating hacks, or elegant, unusual, and unexpected uses of technology.

Here’s a hack that will put most elevators in a hidden “Express” mode that bypasses all the floors and sends you right to the lobby. Love it!

Be careful what you BLOG for...

An Iranian-Canadian blogger was stopped at the U.S. border, he told border guards he was on his way to a blogger conference. Hearing that, they Googled his name, found his blog, and spent some extra quality time reading it. They then decided to deny him entry based on the content of his blog.

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