UK CCTV in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights ?

The European Court of Human Rights held unanimously that there has been violations of Article 8. The United Kingdom leads the world in the deployment of Closed Circuit Tele Vision camera technology. However, we seem to have no coherent, legally enforceable rules or regulations which ensure that Public CCTV schemes are run properly.

Why, in the UK, is television reception controlled by licences, backed up by criminal penalties, but no licencing is required to install linked CCTV camera systems ?

Why does the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 not attempt to regulate CCTV Surveillance in any way ?

READ MORE HERE Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

Collaborative Movie Plot Project on Wikipedia

"Evening Of The Reanimated Corpses is small 10 minute indie film done for a 'Mass Media' class and is going to be released under Perry Como Productions (a twilight zone reference). The film is a traditional zombie film and aims to have a heavy George Romero influence. Its releasy is planned for very early 2006. [...]

BREAKING NEWS - Spy Cam discovered in Ravensbourne Ma Lab

Following a series of unconnected and unfortunate! events, a covert spy cam was discovered in the Ma Lab here at Ravensbourne. Staff came looking for a Camera, maybe they thought it had been stolen! but no the lens had been Obscured with bluetack harmless enough, as some enterprising student had wondered why there were two PIR sensors and decided to test it out. It is still unknown where this camera links to and indeed if it was wired for sound!!! This raises issues surrounding privacy, the cameras was hidden as a PIR motion sensor such as the one illustrated below

It is felt by students that honesty would have been most welcomed and an alternative camera such as the one below be used

or at least should have been told. Several amorous students are taking issue with this infringement of their privacy. Even those who may simply wanted to change their clothing.

Unveiled the first working prototype of the $100 laptop

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan unveiled the first working prototype of the $100 laptop Nov. 16 at the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis, Tunisia.
The laptops will come with batteries that can be recharged using a simple wind-up crank and built in WiFi.
laptop introduction

What is JDF

A lot of people do not seem to realise what JDF is or stand for so heres a little bit of information about this standard which is becoming more popular especialy in light of POD and other services which are now becoming streamlined.

Google to fight Amazon

GOOGLE has approached a book publisher to gauge interest in a program to allow consumers to rent online copies of new books for a week, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

The proposed fee is 10 percent of the book's list price, the Journal reported, citing an unnamed publisher.

The discussion with the publisher indicates Google may move toward adding a digital book-renting service.

Google has a separate book program, the Google Print Library Project, that has attracted controversy for its aim to scan millions of books that consumers could search online.

Google gives away a set of analytic tools

Google plans to give away a set of analytic tools allowing Web developers, administrators and advertisers to fine-tune their sites including advertising, the Web search leader said on Sunday.

The tools are intended to address a key aspects of successful Web sites, which is the ability to track user behavior to determine which features keep visitors on the site and which ones make them click away.

Google Analytics can be used by Web site builders to figure out what keywords attract visitors, which promotions hold on to customers and how to design Web pages that draw attention.

Google, which derived virtually all of its $1.58 billion in revenue from advertising sales during the last quarter, is betting that by giving away sophisticated Web measurement tools it can also drive increased use of its search marketing services.

more info here

Sony Music stop making CDs loaded with controversial copy-protection technology.

Rootkits that hide files, directories and Registry keys can either execute in user mode by patching Windows APIs in each process that applications use to access those objects, or in kernel mode by intercepting the associated kernel-mode APIs. A common way to intercept kernel-mode application APIs is to patch the kernel’s system service table.

After nearly two weeks of stinging criticism Sony BMG Music Entertainment promised today to stop making CDs loaded with controversial copy-protection technology, which is happens to be Sony version DRM. The company has also said that it has abandoned the rootkit strategy but not, of course, the use of other forms of DRM copy protection.

First 4 Internet Ltd the company that developed the XCP software states that its advanced software XCP copy control technology is aimed at protecting the rights of Content Owners from the unauthorised and illegal copying of digital music and film on CD, DVD and on the Internet.

It's a funny way to use a virus!!!

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