AIDS killed 25 Million people

Retro virus HIV killed so far 25 Million peopel, 250.000 die every month. 39,5 Million are living with AIDS. World AIDS Day, World AIDS Campaign, The National AIDS Trust, Clinton Foundation<

More Data Can Now Be Stored on Paper

Student Develops Paper Capable of 450GB of Storage

Rainbow technology still in the works but holds promise

smoking killed my friend

Today 5,4 Million people are dying from smoking per year, world wide. Till 2030 the dead-toll will grow up to 8,3 Million per year. Dead-toll of smoking WHO predicts in 2015 up to 6,5 Million people will die per year. Today 2,9 Million people per year are dying from Aids, in 2015 4,3 Million and 6,5 Million in 2030 will die of Aids.

Production, sales & exports of cigarettes

I steal for living, the new Puma suburban brand

re routed from info consul-tend Dotore Sol
Inspired by the most famous partners in crime, the Bonnie & Clyde is a combination of style and attitude. Not forgetting who's shoe this is , Walt Frazier's customary wide brimmed hat adorns the tougue with the imfamous 'I steal for a living' Frazier quote on the sock liner.

Frasier Quotes - Personal Favourites
(Hey, indulge me for a moment!!)

The hell uno, gone, hurry up, computer games dev's, pope Benedict XXX will end licence in 2712

Seams we will loos the licence to hell uno, called limbo, it will expire somehow next in 2006, so since 1300 till 2006, this is roughly, 706 years or so, if you stay on track. We will lose the hell per se, somehow in the next 706 years. Means, in 2712 we are licence free, open source, from the hells, garden Eden will be again accessible. But do please tell your children, and childres childres children, speak user, not to trust a snake, and be careful if a girl gives you something to eat,

because other vice, we loupe back. And who wants that? Other solution, if you have the desire for garden Eden today, get shock frozen now, and put the timer on 2714, to be double shore. AMEN 1 read AMEN 2 read VATICAN read The Divine Comedy see Ancient Hell visit Limbo and if not, so my dear beloved computer game developers hurry up, to shift all that in to the virtual worlds, other vice we will not know how well hell was, and all will be gone by now. Or is it already done, I am doomed, did I? My goose is cooked. Wait a minute, is this the date when we will come out from enduring freedom, in Afghanistan and Iraq, is this process in sync? hm? What you reckon? Palaeontologists will by then discover one skeleton in Tora Bora and nickname it Ill Badin the top predator. The co-director of the dig, will say he was taken aback by the sheer density of fossil remains in that cave. "You can't walk for more than 100m without finding a skeleton. That's amazing anywhere in the world," he told to the News. A University palaeontologist commented: "These sites are very unusual. To find that many individuals is a remarkable thing - that's a bonanza." "Everything we're finding is articulated. It's not single bones here and there, and bits and pieces - these are complete corpses," said a Doctor. After death, the carcasses came to rest at the bottom of the deep cave, where little or no oxygen was present. The Doctor said an unusual chemistry could have been responsible for the remarkable preservation of the specimens: "Something happened with the chemistry that's really good for bone preservation. Some skeletons are pale white even though they're in black shale - they look like roadkill."

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