First Ever Line of PCs Dedicated Exclusively to Linux

Linspire and Mirus Innovations today announced the launch of Koobox, the first-ever line of desktop computers offered by a major OEM to exclusively run Linux. Starting at just $299, the Koobox machine comes with a complete Linux operating system, including a Microsoft Office file-compatible office suite, Internet browser, email, IM client, media players, and a photo manager – the equivalent of hundreds of pounds worth of software.

Google has competition from Previewseek

Has Google bitten the dust will they suffer from competition Previewseek has recently lauched a beta test site which is fast and interesting.

Previewseek is an artificial intelligence based metasearch engine which uses a number of unique knowledge visualization,data clustering,statistical
inference technologies. The service currently allows users to search for web files, images , and audio/video files as well as to query an online dictionary.

Wikipedia, academia, Seigenthaler

Danny Boyd of the Many2Many multiblog recently scraped Jimmy Wales's response, to the recent uproar over Segenthaler's complaints, from a secluded email list and spread ithere . It's helpful to be reminded of academically approved uses of Wikipedia... that it may be used very well in the place of an encyclopedia but not as a replacement for a bibliography of books, journals etc.

The world's first browser with RSS, P2P client and phishing alarm built-in

Deepnet Explorer, the world's first browser with RSS news reader, P2P client integration and phishing alarm. The browser's superior security, functionality and usability, makes Deepnet stand out from the crowd.

It has been a long time since Microsoft Internet Explorer had this much competition: Firefox, Opera 8, the beta of Netscape 8, and now Deepnet Explorer. Technically, Deepnet Explorer uses the same browser engine as Internet Explorer, so it is hard to call it a true competitor. Unlike its staid progenitor, however, Deepnet Explorer offers several built-in innovations that most Web surfers want, including better security features,

Web + P2P + News
Tabbed Browsing
Phishing Alarm
Adverts Killer
Content Filter
Form Filler
RSS News feeder
File Sharing
Cookie Manager
Full IE compatibility

Is it better than Firefox is the compatability with IE a curse?


Google Earth for Mac leaked

An unofficial version of Google Earth for Mac was leaked on December 9. As you would expect of a program that is not yet ready for release, there are bugs, unimplemented menu items and window management issues so use it with care. But the program looks and feels fantastic!

Yahoo's del.icio.us Acquisition

Social bookmarking service del.icio.us announced on Friday that it had been acquired by Yahoo.

Film Makers Asked to Spread Firefox Word

Mozilla is preparing to use an "open source marketing" drive online to promote the next generation of Firefox, its free web browser.

Collaborative Movie Plot Project on Wikipedia

"Evening Of The Reanimated Corpses is small 10 minute indie film done for a 'Mass Media' class and is going to be released under Perry Como Productions (a twilight zone reference). The film is a traditional zombie film and aims to have a heavy George Romero influence. Its releasy is planned for very early 2006. [...]

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